In Home Therapy

Bringing Quality Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy Services Home.

We bring outpatient quality care (PT, OT, ST) to the homes, so those who have a hard time getting to us does not have travel to the clinic. We are the best choice for the elderly patient because we are well versed in fall prevention, balance issues, gait disturbances, and senior safety issues. Patient does NOT need to be homebound like a home health agency because we are not one. We are therapists in private practice just like an outpatient clinic and we bill through Medicare Part B, VA, Medicaid, HMSA, UHA, HMAA, and most other private insurers. All of our therapists are certified Medicare providers. Some areas on island do require a small $10 fee for us to travel to the home. Patients are only seen by licensed therapists, no assistants or aides. This ensures the highest quality of care, something patients will not receive at a busy clinic or with a home health agency. This sets us apart from the crowd.