"Discover Danielle's Secret to Stopping Back Pain... All-Naturally with No Drugs."

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    • How Danielle's Back Pain was hurting her family & what she did quickly to get back to living her life pain free. 
    • Learn the Revolutionary new way to get rid of Back & Sciatica pain.  
    • Learn What can happen if you do not treat your Back & Sciatica pain. 
    • Learn a Self Test to see if you have Back pain & Sciatica.  
    • Opportunity to RSVP to our FREE OPEN CLINIC for BACK PAIN.

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*Also have an Opportunity to RSVP to our FREE OPEN BACK PAIN CLINIC, Thursday, November 1st, 2018-RSVP early to choose your slot between 8:00am-5:30pm for your individualized, hands-on slot.

"..A daily empowering of my soul at Kauai Therapy and Wellness: it should have been my 1st resource and NOT my last resort, and it feels good to feel cared for, safe and blessed while being supported to support myself.  and blessings to the staff at Kauai Therapy and Wellness for teaching me that it is never too late to grasp at hope and healing." Robbie-Lynn C. (patient). 

"Outstanding service and qualified professionals with an excellent central location and lengthy hours of operation. Do yourself a favor and just walk in, introduce yourself, share your story and begin to live a healthier life. I highly recommend Kauai therapy and Wellness!" Ray B. (patient).