Share YOUR story!

Story Telling is Powerful! Personal Stories bring hope & wisdom. 

Everyone has a story that means something. For the storyteller, it can be therapeutic to have a voice that they haven’t had a platform for before. To the listeners,  it is therapeutic to know that other people have, or are going through the same things in their lives.

Have you experienced Pain, Injury, or Weakness?

Know YOUR story is WORTH sharing!

Do you want to share your story to help or connect others?

Tell us Yours! 

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If we choose your story to share:

Your story will be shared (we can omit your name) in Sandpoint Living Local Magazine, as well as on our Website, and through our social media platform as a way to have your voice reach & help others.

For your willingness to share, you may win a (2) pack of Massages. (To share as gifts with your friends/family – that season is coming, or keep for yourself!)-we wont blame you) 🙂


Now go ahead- Share YOUR story!