Pain affects us all at some time in our lives. We here at Kauai Therapy & Wellness know all to well how pain can affect someone.

What are you unable to do? What do you want to do again, but pain holds you back? Is it taking your dog on a walk, sweeping the kitchen floor, sleeping through the night, or being able to simply hug your child? Ask yourself, “How much longer do I want to wait to find a solution that gets to the root of my problem?” Let me ask you: What are your fears that hold you back from seeking a solution? Is it that you don’t feel you have the time, the money, or the energy to invest in yourself?

Why Isn’t Pain Medication a Solution for Me?

Before you reach for another pain pill, listen up. Pain is an alert system telling your body that something is “wrong.” While it often happens in response to healing an injury and tissue damage, it can also persist even after the injury has healed.

While pain medication can help for a short time, it is not by any means the long-term solution. As I mentioned, pain alerts your body that something is wrong. It is like a smoke alarm telling you that something is on fire. If injury is causing your fire alarm to go off, pain medication will suppress the signal and you will feel more comfortable while healing. However, if you use medication for a long time, you might injure yourself even worse by doing things you wouldn’t normally do because of your alert system being turned off by medication.

Furthermore, in case of prolonged duration of pain, your nervous system sensitivity increases and pain circuits become more efficient and memorized, and the pain will become intensified. Your nervous system starts acting like a fire causing that alarm to go off. As long as your nervous system is “on fire” your pain will not get better with pain medication.

If Medication Is Not a Solution, what can you do?

Let’s focus on three newest & most effective solutions to healing with no medications, surgery, or injections.

1) The Revolutionary 830 Cold Laser

Cutting edge technologies such as cold laser therapy, electrical stimulation and electromagnetic pulse eliminate pain, speed up healing and depolarize painful nerves. Furthermore, influencing pain modulators (stress, anxiety and sleep) gives successful pain relief with no pain medication.

2) MultiFunctional Movement Therapy

This therapy stops pain, increases strength, confidence and agility through specialized movements proven to rapidly resolve these an other issues:

• Back Pain, Neck, or Disc Problems

• Shoulder or Knee Problems

• Developmental or Coordination Issues

• Chronic Pain

• Foot/Ankle/Heel Pain

3) Dry Needling Therapy

Dry Needling is a very effective form of manual therapy that uses very thin needles inserted in your muscle tissue. Many conditions that were traditionally hard to treat including Plantar Fasciitis, Muscle spasms, Achilles tendonitis, Hip bursitis, Headaches, Back pain, & Tennis elbow are just some of the diagnosis that Dry Needling is used to treat successfully.

All of these natural healing options including cutting edge technology are provided in one package at Kauai Therapy & Wellness-Ponderay.

4) Food as Medicine

Stop Reaching for the Advil or Aspirin when you hurt, instead reach for certain food choices. There are many natural alternatives you can try before aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication. These foods will advance your health with powerful nutrients which will set the terrain to help prevent future pain and illness…and they taste incredible!

Chronic pain can really deter you from doing even your routine activities. Anyone who suffers from any kind of chronic pain can surely tell you how difficult it is sometimes to get up from bed in the morning because their back or knee or neck has “pins” in it. Pain is a huge de-motivator and chronic pain has been linked to increased depression and cancer rates. Inflammatory cascades have many adverse effects causing soft tissues and even internal organs to swell, resulting in pain, discomfort and sometimes even hospitalization.

Pain can be controlled in the long-term by dietary changes. Using prescribed pharmaceuticals or even over the counter pain pills will always result in some type of reoccurrence in patterns since they only address symptoms and not causes. A diet filled with foods that bombards your body with the right nutrients to sustain health and prevent pain has a lasting effect.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. —Hippocrates

by Mindy Murray, Occupational Therapist

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