Limit Falls this Winter

Author: Jessie Hunt, LMT

*For our Northern Idaho Community – or- For Our Kauai Ohana who may be traveling this winter!*

We all know of someone who has suffered a slip or fall. When winter comes, we start seeing numerous patients of all ages come in due to falls resulting in awful injuries such as sprains, breaks and fractures.  They fall from slipping on ice and snow, sometimes taking all the precautions in the world but in a blink of an eye they are on the ground. We want to stress the importance to our neighbors and patients of being careful this winter, and any winter; try to avoid these falls during this inclement weather by applying a few tips listed below. Be safe everyone!

Things YOU can do to limit falls:

  1. Wear snow and ice appropriate footwear (add spikes for more traction)
  2. Keep one hand free while carrying loads, i.e transporting groceries
  3. Try not to rush; give yourself extra time for errands and work
  4. If you have a walker or cane, USE IT! (don’t risk it when it is snowy and/or icy)

Things a therapist can do to limit falls:

A therapist’s job is to analyze the body and, while working with doctors, come up with treatment plans for patients to do at home that will help them heal, help them reach a particular fitness goal and/or help decrease any pain, if not eliminate it. These exercises focus on, increasing strength, improving balance and building endurance, so that not only may a patient feel less pain, but re-injury may be prevented and confidence may be increased.  The patient is given the knowledge and the tools to facilitate their own healing and reach their physical goals; they will be scheduled for routine appointments with the therapist to see if any part of the treatment plan needs to be modified.

Don’t wait until an injury occurs to seek therapy.  If you think you may be at risk of falling, see a Physical or Occupational Therapist sooner than later to begin this regimen of self improvement.  They will not only work with your body, but also offer solutions to make your home and way of life safer. At Kauai Therapy & Wellness we use various philosophies of treatment per therapist to guide you to a safer and healthier way of life. These therapies include, but are not limited to Coordination Therapy, Multi-Functional Movement, Hand Therapies, Chronic Pain Therapies, Spine Therapies, Shoulder Therapies, Post-Surgery Therapy, Balance Improvement and Vertigo Therapy. For a limited time for our community, we are offering FREE balance safety screens! Just reach out to us schedule. We will assess you or a loved ones safety with their balance. 


Call us at either of our locations to inquire on how you can get started today:

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Simply click here to fill out an appointment request on our website from which we will contact you to get you started.

We look forward to keep you moving and safe this winter!


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